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Pepe Coin Funding Scheme Hints at Coordinated Insider Effort

Pepe Coin Funding Scheme Hints at Coordinated Insider Effort. Sasha, a co-founder of Arcanum Ventures, conducts an exclusive investigation into the secrets of PEPE. One of the most popular meme coins in recent memory. Building on his earlier analysis, he carefully examined the early on-chain transaction data and made an astonishing discovery. A startling 93% of the Pepe tokens were quickly moved to the Liquidity Pool (LP) when the total token supply was generated. The subsequent sequence of activities has come to be known as the “PEPE Mystery.”

Following the large token transfer into the Liquidity Pool. The wave of buy transactions representing roughly 0.5 per cent of the total token supply rushed to the Pepe community. These transactions happened in quick succession, and their timing was questionable.

Participation in Newly Created Wallets

On-chain data examination revealed the most intriguing finding. 57 newly established wallets with no prior transaction history carried out many of these transactions. The reasons behind these anonymous investors’ participation in the PEPE trading are unknown. This unexplained event raises concerns regarding their identities and motivations. This indicated the possibility of a carefully planned insider operation intended to acquire. A sizeable portion of the Pepe token supply quickly. Its integration into the Liquidity Pool to make sizable profits once Pepe attracted increased hype and speculation.

The investigation involves a careful review of Pepe’s price development about speculative token trades. Each of the 57 unidentified wallets made around. In PEPE, it was paid out later in gains that were staggeringly close to. A quarter of a million dollars in each wallet.

Massive Gains

According to the co-founder, the consequences are nothing short of mind-boggling. This allegedly concerted effort raises the possibility that a single person or a well-organized group may have made almost $10 million in only one week. The disclosure of this enormous windfall highlights the Bitcoin realm’s fascinating and occasionally opaque nature. Sasha intends to create a character profile based on these fascinating insiders’ on-chain activity, transaction history, and potential interactions with other assets as part of the ongoing process of revealing their identity.

He responded to an important query that would have been on many people’s minds: How did these supposedly new wallets, with no prior assets, carry out their PEPE purchases? The solution is found in the availability of funding transactions that gave them an adequate supply.

Diving Deeper

Sasha’s investigation continued as he looked into these funding wallets, delving even farther into the maze of on-chain information to learn more about the coordination he had been suspecting. According to Etherscan, a wallet carried out its first known transaction—buying PEPE—on April 14th, at about 8:00 PM GMT. This timestamp was the starting point for identifying the likely funding transaction before it. Sasha found a transaction where 0.06 ETH went into the wallet 20 minutes before the buy after further transaction analysis. This appears to have arrived via “FixedFloat,” a cryptocurrency exchange with Lightning Network integration.

The research then broadened to include numerous new wallet addresses. A transaction behaviour workbook for this task was used to examine these addresses. We evaluated many wallets, sorted them based on their primary funding source, and gathered pertinent information from several on-chain API integrations. As a result, the study determined the volume of ETH and the quantity of transactions, both arriving and outgoing, for each wallet. They can map out the flow of Ethereum across these wallets and connect it to potential financing sources thanks to the insightful information this analysis provides. The puzzle’s parts started to fit together.

Critical ‘Golden Hour’ and PEPE Insiders

The co-founder disclosed that only eight sources funded all 57 suspected wallets that purchased PeEPE during the crucial “golden hour.” It turns out that these funding transactions took place during a two-hour timeframe just before PEPE’s 93% token supply transferred into the Liquidity Pool, which adds another dimension of mystery.

The investigator points out that 13 wallets were powered by the FixedFloat hot wallet while looking more closely at these funding sources. The Uniswap Universal Router, a mechanism inside the Uniswap ecosystem that improves transactional flexibility, also provided 32 wallets. These results highlight the possibility that insiders connected to Pepe’s development carried out the coordinated purchases.

Mysterious PEPE Insiders?

The investigator finds a few Ethereum Name Service (ENS) designations in the mix, heightening the mystery. He discovered “beautifulbabbys. eth” and “dancebabbydance. eth,” which provide important hints despite their odd names. The resemblance of the characters containing the word “baby” indicates a relationship between the wallet owners. This suggests a concerted effort in the first phases of PEPE’s development, perhaps implicating these people as insiders or project founders. Given the quantity of tokens being transferred, the transaction history exposes a wide range of assets, some of which may be microcap altcoins. Interestingly, the owner of the later ENS was also found to have investments in Wagmi Coin (WAGMI) and Ribbit (RIBBIT), two meme coins. Even though these tokens’ additional details may not be, They moved familiarly and gave information about the target’s financial activity.

He also looks at the gaps in time between their buy and sell transactions. Sasha promised to continue the inquiry and uncover other significant details to go even further into the people behind these transactions. He wants to observe the interactions between users in the crypto groups on Telegram, Discord, and Twitter. Finally, using straightforward on-chain data analysis, the investigator put together a rough profile of the people who might be responsible for these transactions. For the time being, he came to the following conclusion: this appears to be a planned insider transaction effort, presumably directed by PEPE’s developers.

Unravelling the Pepe Coin Funding Saga

The Pepe Coin fundraising scheme recently caught the attention of enthusiasts and sceptics in cryptocurrency, where innovation and controversy frequently go hand in hand. This essay explores the complexities of the Pepe Coin concept and clarifies the indications of a planned insider operation that have led many to doubt the project’s credibility.

Pepe Coin: The Genesis of a Controversial Crypto

Understanding Pepe Coin’s history is crucial before delving into the funding plan. Pepe the Frog, a well-known online meme figure, inspired the creation of Pepe Coin, a meme-based cryptocurrency. Due to its connection to a contentious meme culture figure at the time of its creation, it sparked interest and criticism. Later on, the financial plan would heavily rely on this connection.

The Funding Mechanism: ICO or Coordinated P&D?

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), popular in the crypto community, were Pepe Coin’s first fundraising approach. However, the extraordinarily swift and significant infusion of dollars caught people’s attention. Investors became suspicious of a planned pump and dump (P&D) scheme after noticing an odd trend of large purchases.

Hints of Insider Involvement: Anomalies in Fund Movement

When blockchain specialists noticed oddities in Pepe Coin’s fund movement, the suspicion of insider involvement grew. It was discovered that a small number of people possessed a sizable amount of the currency after huge transactions were linked to anonymous wallets. This raised the possibility of a market-controlling inside job.

Social Media Buzz: The Role of Coordinated Promotion

A spike in social media engagement added to the Pepe Coin saga’s impact. Numerous accounts aggressively promoted the coin, some of which appeared to be bots. There was widespread conjecture about a well-planned marketing campaign that artificially inflates the coin’s value because of the enormous volume of coordinated communications.

Regulatory Scrutiny and Investor Concerns

Regulating organizations started to pay attention as the Pepe Coin scandal escalated. There have been questions about possible securities violations and the demand for more openness in the cryptocurrency sector. The initiative had attracted investors, but now they were struggling with questions regarding the reliability of their money.

The Future of Pepe Coin: Transparency and Redemption

The future of Pepe Coin is uncertain in the aftermath of these discoveries. To recover credibility, the project’s creators must solve the issues brought up by investors and authorities. The key to restoring Pepe Coin’s reputation is to move funds transparently, communicate clearly, and commit to legal requirements.


The financing method for Pepe Coin serves as a sharp reminder of the dangers and difficulties involved in making investments in the cryptocurrency market. It emphasizes the significance of transparency, accountability, and regulatory supervision. Investors must be vigilant as the cryptocurrency market develops, and projects must place a high priority on integrity and accountability to prevent encouraging the spread of coordinated insider attacks and frauds that might jeopardize the entire sector.



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