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Pakistan News: Villages of villages were wiped out: Prime Minister

Pakistan News: Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif says that he has never seen such a flood in his life, towns of towns have been cleared out.

Head of the state Shehbaz Sharif visited the flood-impacted areas of Balochistan and made an elevated study of Jafarabad, Jhal Magsi, and different regions.

Talking about this event, Shahbaz Sharif said that the surge of 2010 was restricted to Sindh and adjoining regions, yet this time the water has spread all over, Sindh and Balochistan were the most impacted by the flood, while Swat, Dir, and Kalam were crushed by the downpour. have been survivors of.

Pakistan News: I have never seen such a flood in my life

The Prime Minister said that the houses and lodgings remaining on the banks of the waterway were cleared away by the stream, standing harvests were obliterated all over Pakistan, the rice crop was annihilated, power shafts fell, and transformers were likewise harmed.

He said that I have not seen such a flood in my life, towns of towns have been cleared out, 1,000 individuals have become dear to Allah, and thousands have been harmed.

Pakistan News: Because of the people who are helping in this difficult situation

Talking about the guide got by Pakistan, the Prime Minister said that two guide ships are showing up in Karachi from Turkey, the boat conveying alleviation merchandise from UAE will arrive at Islamabad today. I’m appreciative to every individual who is helping me, the leaders of Iran and Turkey addressed me and communicated their anguish over the death toll.

Shahbaz Sharif spoke to the country in the discussion that a great many siblings and kids are hanging tight for help, holding their hands, and said that an individual gave 6 crore rupees the previous evening and asked not to be named, a gathering has kept 45 crore rupees in the record, lakhs Pakistanis are helping themselves by conveying water and food.

Shahbaz Sharif said that the central government is giving 25,000 rupees to every family. NDMA and Benazir are circulating guides through pay support. 25 billion rupees will be disseminated to the casualties in seven days, and the misfortunes will be additionally assessed. Is.

I’m declaring an award of 15 billion rupees for Sindh and 10 billion rupees for Balochistan from the Federation.

He expressed that there has been huge obliteration in Sindh. There has been obliteration generally around the stream Indus. I am declaring an award of 15 billion rupees for Sindh. 10 billion rupees for Balochistan from the national government.

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As per the Prime Minister, I have addressed the Army Chief and the Navy Chief. The previous evening I likewise addressed the Air Chief. They said that many helicopters are in the field. 50 thousand individuals have been moved to a protected spot, today. The weather conditions are better, helicopters are participating in alleviation tasks.

The Prime Minister additionally said that crafted by halting the flood won’t be finished by talking and accusing. The world has halted the flood with difficult work and speculation. How long will they misdirect the country by talking, charging, and lying? It has been a long time since Pakistan Could not remain on its feet.




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