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How to Make Money with NFTs – 8 Best Methods for 2024

How to Make Money with NFTs – 8 Best Methods for 2024. The market for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is expanding quickly. Industry projections place the amount of NFT sales in 2021 at over $25 billion, up from $95 million the year before. This beginner’s guide, in which we cover a variety of noteworthy investment techniques and tactics, will benefit those curious about how to profit from NFTs.

The Top 8 Methods to Make Money with NFTs

Are you concerned about making money using NFT tokens?

The following is a list of the top eight methods we could find for earning NFT tokens:

  1. Investing in Promising New NFTs Early –Purchase Recently Released NFTs to Maximize Upside Potential
  2. Invest in a FundInvest in NFTs to Gain Access to a Profitable High-frequency Trading Fund
  3. Play-to-Earn Games – Play P2E Gaming Titles to Earn In-Game NFTs
  4. NFT Rewards – Purchase NFTs With Consistent Rewards
  5. NFT Flipping – Purchase and Sell NFTs Using a Short-Term Approach
  6. HODL NFTs – Purchase an NFT and Hold It for a Long Time
  7. NFT Staking – Invest in NFTs to Earn Passive Income
  8. NFT Minting – Mint a Custom NFT and Post It on an Online Marketplace

When studying how to profit from NFT tokens, check out our analysis of the strategies above.

A Closer Look at the Best Ways to Profit with NFTs

A Closer Look at the Best Ways to Profit with NFTs

There are numerous approaches to entering the rapidly expanding NFT business. Since every investing strategy is unique, investors must consider their financial objectives and risk tolerance.

Consider any of the eight strategies covered below when determining how to profit from NFTs.

1. Investing in Promising New NFTs Early – Buy Newly Launched NFTs for Maximum Upside Potential

Investing in a recently launched project is one of the best strategies to consider when assessing how to make money with NFTs. This entails investing in the NFT initiative in its early stages. This usually provides the most affordable entry price in doing so. For instance, the creators of one of the most popular NFT collections ever, the Bored Ape Yacht Club, started the project in April 2021. 10,000 NFTs were made available to the general public for less than $200 in ETH.

After many celebrities bought into this NFT collection and changed their Twitter profile image to match their selected ape, the collection immediately gained popularity. Since their introduction, numerous Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs have sold for over a million dollars. 819 ETH, or $3.4 million at the time, is the highest value sale to date. This is an increase of more than 1.6 million per cent from the under-$200 initial launch price. Many more NFT collections are available on the market, even though new investors have subsequently missed out on the Bored Ape Yacht Club. For instance, Tamadoge started its crypto presale campaign and sold TAMA coins valued at over $19 million.

This covers NFTs that are categorized as common, rare, or ultra-rare. Early investors will obtain the best price. Alternatively, people wishing to purchase Tamadoge cryptocurrency tokens can do so through OKX, which accepts debit and credit card payments in less than five minutes. For instance, users of the Battle Infinity fantasy sports game can purchase a new NFT pass that grants entry to the tournament. The Battle Infinity marketplace allows for trading the NFT pass, with supply and demand dictating its worth.

2. Invest in a Fund – Buy NFTs to Benefit from a Successful High-Frequency Trading Fund

Invest in a Fund – Buy NFTs to Benefit from a Successful High-Frequency Trading Fund

In the NFT market, there are many profitable opportunities to profit, but most need you to keep the item until its value increases. The problem is that it’s not always guaranteed that your NFT will increase in value. P2E games can also be profitable, but the drawback is that they need time commitment. Purchasing an NFT that provides you with the earnings potential of a High-Frequency Trading Fund, like The Uncharted, is genuinely innovative. This is a set of 21,000 NFTs, and the proceeds from sales go toward funding the High-Frequency Trading fund of the XETA Capital Fund (XCF).

The Uncharted has collaborated with Xeta, a sister company that has raised $3.2 million. The fund has a strong track record, estimated to bring 400% annually. The team aims to bridge the gap between traditional and decentralized finance. The use of NFTs is a unique way to reach that goal, to hold the asset, and The Uncharted NFT collection is one of the most finance-focused ways of earning via NFTs. The collection is expected to launch in Q1 2023.

3. Play-to-Earn Games – Earn In-Game NFTs by Playing P2E Gaming Titles

In addition to NFTs, play-to-earn (P2E) games are another popular cryptocurrency trend. P2E games allow users to earn tangible prizes, as the name implies. This is merely for passing the time while playing and progressing in the game. Platforms usually provide two ways to earn prizes when playing NFT games for real money. Initially, the project’s native cryptocurrency token can be made by gamers. For instance, players will receive IBAT when engaging in Battle Infinity games. Gamers will gain TAMA by playing Tamadoge.

Second, gamers can earn NFTs from the top P2E games available in this market. Usually, each NFT will stand in for a different in-game object, such as a vehicle or weapon. In any case, gamers will own the in-game content, unlike traditional game titles.

This is because the corresponding NFT will be located on the blockchain network. This implies that not only can the ownership be confirmed by the blockchain, but the NFT can also be transferred to another individual. The NFT is, therefore, tradeable. Those wondering how to profit from NFTs without investing money can find this the most suitable alternative. Players won’t have to risk their money because they will invest their time in the game.

4. NFT Rewards – Buy NFTs That Offer Regular Rewards

NFT Rewards – Buy NFTs That Offer Regular Rewards

Selecting a cryptocurrency project that gives incentives like NFT giveaways is the following strategy to think about when learning how to make money with NFTs. To be more precise, initiatives such as Lucky Block provide tangible benefits for the simple act of purchasing and retaining an NFT.

On the Lucky Block platform, every NFT collection has a competition attached to it. For instance, are 10,000 pieces in the 1MHOUSE NFT collection, and purchasing one entitles the holder to compete to win a $1 million property. Other instances are NFT contests where participants can win a brand-new Lamborghini or $1 million in Bitcoin. Everyone delivers lifetime benefits if the investor has the NFT collection in their cryptocurrency wallet.

The LBLOCK coin, which powers the Lucky Block ecosystem, is awarded as a reward. Most importantly, this approach provides a passive income stream using NFTs. Additionally, the investor may consider trading the non-fungible token on an NFT marketplace if its value rises. Additionally, Lucky Block offers an NFT collection that grants entry to their exclusive Platinum Rollers Club. Numerous benefits are included with this alone, including lifetime entry to its NFT competition draw. The NFT holders will receive a portion of the reward if they win a draw. By purchasing LBLOCK tokens, investors can be exposed to Lucky Block’s potential growth and NFTs—the token’s version one.

5. NFT Flipping – Buy and Sell NFTs via a Short-Term Strategy

Flipping is another tactic to consider when determining how to profit from NFTs. The fundamental idea is that an investor will purchase an NFT from an internet marketplace to resell it to a third party for a profit. This is a short-term approach that will only be successful if the investor can locate an NFT that is thought to be reasonably priced. The investor will need to investigate well-known NFT marketplaces like Launchpad. XYZ and Open Sea are the first steps. Utilizing the marketplace’s provided filter buttons is an intelligent method of locating appropriate NFTs.Sorting each collection based on trading volume and popularity would be worth considering. The investor can then contrast the NFT collection’s floor price with another marketplace’s.

This would be an excellent chance for flipping if the NFT is offered at a reduced floor value on the selected marketplace. Naturally, there’s no assurance that the investor can profitably convert their NFT. Gains are only possible, after all, if a qualified buyer is located. This is why, while learning how to buy and sell NFTs for profit, it is advisable to diversify across several inexpensive collections. For instance, the Lucky Block Platinum Rollers Club NFT trades for just 1.65 BNB, or roughly $470.

6. HODL NFTs – Invest in an NFT and Hold Long-Term

HODL NFTs – Invest in an NFT and Hold Long-Term

Those unsure how to start making money with NFTs might want to look into “HODLing.” This implies buying a cheap NFT project and keeping it for a long time in terms of cryptocurrencies. The concept here is that an investor can avoid short-term market fluctuations by implementing a long-term strategy. Additionally, a long-term plan will provide the relevant NFT collection time to grow in the market. Considering how competitive the NFT market is, it may take several months or even years for a project to become well-known.

This rule will never apply to everything; one example is the mentioned Bored Ape Yacht Club collection. The majority of NFT collections, however, need time for supply to keep up with broader demand. However, given the present state of the cryptocurrency market, now is a better time than ever to invest in NFTs for long-term profits. The floor price of several NFT collections is currently more than 50% less than its previous peak.

Buying premium NFTs at a steep discount is an opportunity to capitalize on a promising upside if the next cryptocurrency bull market materializes. Launchpad.XYZ is one of the greatest sites to find cheap long-term-hold NFTs.

7. NFT Staking – Generate Passive Income on NFT Investments

For cryptocurrency investors, staking is a well-liked means of earning passive income from their coins. This is a fantastic substitute for keeping the tokens inactive in a private wallet. Since then, staking has spread to the NFT space, providing yet another avenue for profit from this sector of the economy. The concept here is that an investor can target growth in two ways: by purchasing an NFT that rewards staking. Initially, the investor will get consistent revenue through cryptocurrency tokens, which are usually project-specific.

Second, the investor will eventually want to sell their NFT if and when the NFT’s price rises on the open market. NFT staking thus provides the best of both worlds. As for noteworthy initiatives, we have already discussed Lucky Block, which provides a large selection of NFT collections. The project offers lifetime token payouts as long as the non-fungible token is kept in a compatible wallet, even though NFT staking is not offered per se. Quint is a recently established initiative that provides “super staking” as an additional option. Investors can compete with real-world rewards, such as a luxury yacht or a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT, by staking their native coin.

8. NFT Minting – Mint a Personalized NFT and List it on a Marketplace

When determining how to profit from NFTs without taking on excessive financial risk, “minting” is a further option. This means you must start from scratch when establishing a new NFT. Furthermore, using an NFT marketplace makes the procedure very simple. Linking the NFT to a virtual object, like a work of digital art, is the first stage. After that, the artwork will be exclusively made to make money with struck NFTs. The blockchain transaction fee is the only expense related to NFT minting. Ethereum, the platform that houses most NFTs, frequently assessed more than $10 transaction fees during the bull market.

Consider how much it would cost to mint a collection of just 100 NFTs. But now that Ethereum has finally made the long-awaited switch to proof-of-stake, NFT minting expenses are far more affordable. An NFT’s Fwner can choose what to do after minting it. Some may think about listing the NFT in the hopes that another investor may want to purchase it on a platform such as Launchpad.XYZ. The owner of the NFT may also decide to hold onto their non-fungible token (HODL) until the bull market bounces back; at this point, there will probably be higher demand.

Best Platforms for Making Money with NFTs

Eight fundamental strategies that investors can use to profit from NFTs have been covered in this guide. Investors must also select an appropriate NFT platform to enter and exit the market.


When trying to find the finest NFT to generate money, there are many things to consider. Among the investment strategies are P2E gaming, HODLing, and making money with NFTs flipping. All in all, though, we discovered that investing in a recently released collection is the most fantastic method to profit from an NFT. This is so the investor can benefit from being the first to market and obtain the best price. Tamadoge, a P2E and metaverse game, will release its highly awaited NFT collection, including 100 “ultra-rare” tokens among its just 21″100 total “token count.



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